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Donate to Thomas Chalifoux for Congress, a GOP Candidate for FL 9th District

Col. Thomas Chalifoux for Congress wearing a dark suit and red tie.

Col. Thomas Chalifoux Needs Your Help to Win This Election! Donate Now

Colonel Thomas Chalifouxa loving husband, distinguished veteran of the U.S. military, proud MAGA-supporting conservative Republican, successful entrepreneur and patriotic American — needs your help! His fight is your fight to win this key election battle for Florida’s Ninth Congressional District.

America is at a crossroads and under assault — both literally and figuratively — from actions and ideology of people who hate America and Her allies. For decades, the Colonel has defended the USA from Her enemies foreign and domestic; and now his political campaign, Thomas Chalifoux for Congress, urgently needs your support to help take America back from the precipice: a frightening edge of the cliff to which Joe Biden and his supporters and enablers have taken and are taking us. Join our cause to help turn to sanity, competence and proud patriotism from the current tide of ineptness, deceit, chaos and craziness.

Please, click the below button to donate money online to Colonel Chalifoux’s election efforts. In addition to financial support, you can assist the campaign by volunteering and/or via signing up to be on our supporters list so you can keep informed about how things are going. Thank you, and God bless America and all of you!