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Thomas Chalifoux for Congress | Florida’s 9th Congressional District

Col. Thomas Chalifoux | Decorated Military Veteran | Conservative Leadership

Colonel Thomas Chalifoux is a highly decorated military veteran with over 30 years of distinguished service to our nation. Throughout his military career, Thomas has demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic planning, and execution tasks. Thomas’s exemplary service has been recognized with 29 service medals, military decorations, and badges, reflecting his unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to our nation’s defense. His numerous accolades stand as a testament to his integrity, service, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.

Join the Cause! Help Col. Thomas Chalifoux's Efforts to Win FL's 9th District

Col. Thomas Chalifoux is a true American patriot who is running for Congress to take back our country from the out-of-touch D.C. elites. Will you sign on with Colonel Thomas and join his fight to bring conservative and true American values to Congress? And not only can you contribute monetarily to this effort; for you can also sign up to get on our growing campaign’s contact list (privacy policy) in order to keep up to date on our efforts to win Florida’s Ninth Congressional District. Thank you!

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